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Morello Cherry. Cocoa. Nutmeg.



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Origin: Western Province, Rwanda
Roast: Filter
Producer: Justin Musabyiama
Altitude: 1700 - 1900 Meters
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Process: Washed

This exceptional coffee is a cornerstone of our Rwandan collection. We have been working with Justin Musabyimana for more than 8 years - visiting the farm and seeing his dedication on many occasions - and every season we are excited to taste Mahembe once again.

The Cup

This season our Red Bourbon lot is clean and precise, showing off the care and dedication that we have seen up close. Reminiscent of fine black tea and morello cherry, as it cools the sweetness of chocolate and comforting warmth of nutmeg add depth.

The Farm

Mahembe benefits from a unique location: near the emerald waters of Lake Kivu - one of Africa’s great lakes - the area's rich volcanic soil supports dense forest that is alive with wildlife, including huge populations of bats. With the microclimate created by lake and forest, warm mornings and days make way for cooler evenings. The lake creates periodical rain while simultaneously absorbing heat in the afternoon.

Our close relationship with Justin Musabyimana allows us to secure his best lots every season. Whenever we visit Mahembe, what strikes us most is the community feel and positive energy, which naturally comes from the top. Rwanda has a long history of coffee production but has only recently seen improvements in processing quality – with the Western Province producing some of the best. Justin grew up around returned home after the genocide in 1994 and set to work reviving his family’s coffee farm to help bring stability and economic opportunities to the region.

Alongside 11,000 of his own trees, Justin also works with local farmers, who deliver their own cherries to the Mahembe washing station. Payment to farmers includes health insurance, school fees and livestock. Thanks to his strong focus on quality and community building, 75% of what Justin produces is now A1 grade, and Mahembe always features in Cup of Excellence competitions.

The Process

This lot is fully washed using natural spring water from high mountains located near Nyungwe forest. Working with Justin, farmers are trained to harvest only the ripest coffee cherries from their trees, which are then delivered to the washing station. Cherries are sorted at the station in floatation tanks, to remove the floating or unripe cherries, and then pulped to remove the skin and most of the mucilage. The beans are fermented for 10 to 12 hours before a final washing and drying process on raised African beds for 21 days.

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