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Chocolate Ganache. Cherry. Rich.



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Origin: Apaneca, El Salvador 
Roast: Espresso
Producer: Mauricio Salaverria 
Altitude: 1500 Meters 
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: Natural 

Following our releases from Finca Himalaya, we are offering another superb coffee from Mauricio Salaverria. Grown at his Cruz Gorda estate, in an area dominated by the Los Naranjos mountain, frequent mists keep the landscape cool. Coffee cherries slowly ripen before an extended natural process that gives our Bourbon lot superb depth and cherry-like sweetness.

The Cup

We love Cruz Gorda for its rich, naturally processed profile. In the cup, expect tempting aromas of sweet fruit and dark chocolate. Notes of cherry, blackberry, and ganache are deliciously smooth and a touch boozy.

The Farm

Meeting Mauricio, his passion for coffee is plain to see. Driven to innovate, he has built on years of knowledge and expertise at Finca Himalaya to consistently produce Cup of Excellence winning coffees.  

Finca Cruz Gorda was acquired by Mauricios family in the 1940s, to produce coffee alongside Finca Himalaya. Situated in Ilamatepec, El Salvadors 'Flower Route', the region is known for for the amazing diversity of flora and fauna. Walking his estates and processing facilities, it becomes instantly clear that the level of execution is in another league; with meticulous lot separation, different processing styles, huge wooden wine crates and anaerobic tanks all visible. Like us, Mauricio is driven by a desire to reduce his environmental impact, using rainwater for his washed process coffee and reusing the skin of the coffee cherries after they are pulped to produce cascara.

The terroir has an ideal combination of clay and volcanic soils, producing coffees with character and complexity. Most lots are grown under shade and across the farm cypress and pine help provide habitat for a variety of flora and fauna.

The Process
Mauricio is a firm believer in the development of flavour during processing. At the micromill, the ripe cherries are sorted and transferred to raised beds to dry in thick layers, promoting a slow fermentation as the fruit of the cherry dries. In the following days, the coffee is spread in thinner layers and turned frequently for up to 25 days.

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