We opened our Specialty Coffee Roastery in September 2012.

THE BARN COFFEE ROASTERS was quickly established as one of the leading Specialty Coffee Roasters in Germany. Our philosophy is to source and roast some of the best coffees available. By paying premium prices we enable coffee farmers to create a sustainable business. All coffees are fresh in season and roasted to perfection.

The Roastery operates a Display Brew Bar to showcase different brew techniques. Our menu has a focus on our purest coffee drinks. Our baristas will guide you through our offerings and happily share their knowledge with you. Freshly roasted coffee beans and brewing equipment are available. Some delicious food options can be ordered with your coffee. Our famous carrot cake should not be missed.

We aim to reduce every distraction from your coffee enjoyment to the max – to enable the purest and highest quality coffee experience possible. We would like our customers to slow down and enjoy their cup of coffee. Please be considerate and avoid higher noise levels that would disturb other customers. We play no music and have arranged for a designated media area to which laptops and tablets are restricted.

Our Roastery is located on Schönhauser Allee 8, near Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. From here you have great access to some wonderful shops around the famous Barn Quarter ("Scheunenviertel"), Alexanderplatz or Prenzlauer Berg. Please check the map on  our Locations page.

How we source our coffees

We only buy handpicked arabica coffee beans of Specialty Grading. Preferably from Micro-Farms that operate with a strong focus on detail and a passion to improve their product. We work with specialist partners that stay close to each farm and guide them towards improving farm and processing practice in order to produce higher quality coffee. Our main partner is Nordic Approach. It is important to us to avoid too many merchants between farming and roasting so that a higher value goes back to the farm. The benefits of this set up are far beyond of what fair trade could achieve. It also gives the farm a sustainable product and an identity to be proud of.

We chose our beans for quality, cleanliness, sustainability and traceability. We only buy fresh, seasonal crop. It is one of our principles to treasure the value chain from crop to cup. This is the only way for all participants to benefit and to identify with a high value product.

We believe in a strong connection between farmer, roaster, barista and our customers. It is our responsibility to share knowledge about coffee and to stay near people we work with.

How we roast our coffees

As a principle we dont blend any of our coffees to showcase the characteristics of a single coffee and to honor the dedicated farm work. It is important to us to keep all our coffees pure and clean. Working with distinct terroir is a lot easier than using blends - all beans are uniform and of highest gradings.

Our roast style is rather light to bring out the full flavour profile of a bean and not to change it. Our aim is to produce clean and consistent coffee of highest quality.

We use a 1955 Probat Roast machine which has been completely overhauled with latest technology, direct engines, larger cooling tray and powerful air flow. We have added an environmentally friendly natural air filtration system. We use Cropster Roast Profiling software and check all stages of our roasting.

We cup and taste our coffees systematically. Our baristas working with our coffees give us daily feedback on all roast batches and we are feeding all information back into our roast profiling system. There is a lot of science but also a lot of tasting and discussing.


Let us be your coffee partner. We work with offices, restaurants, passionate food makers and speciality coffee shops. All have one thing in common: They are looking to improve their coffee quality with us and they want to grow their knowledge. This is what we are strong at: All of our wholesale customers are building a cult around their coffee business and create a sustainable, healthy business. Your customers will return to come for another perfect cup of coffee - our two coffee bars are great examples for this. 

We have partnered with some great people and can reach you quickly in most countries globally. Contact us on wholesale@thebarn.de

THE BARN Webshop ships internationally to our retail customers or to wholesale customers that are looking for smaller quantities. 

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