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Berry. Dark Chocolate. Vibrant.



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Intibuca, Honduras 




Mario Flores 


1600 - 2000 metres





Mario Flores is following in the footsteps of his father, whose Los Chorros farm changed our perceptions of Honduran coffee. At La Arada, Mario is showing a dedication to quality all of his own, working alongside his wife to produce this perfectly balanced coffee that shows off the distinct terroir of Intibuca.

The Cup
La Arada has a satisfying profile that is light and almost tea-like: it is one of those coffees we could sip all day. The rich qualities of dark chocolate and brown sugar are pronounced but not overwhelming, with enough body to fill the palate. As it cools, the soft notes of nectarine and sweet grape appear, with just a hint of gentle acidity.

The Farm
For years, Intibuca was a region with great potential that lacked the profile of more well-known Honduran regions. Rolling mountains and deep valleys means the terroir can differ widely from farm to farm in Intibuca, with different flavour characteristics found at each.

Located at 1700 metres, Intibuca is the highest regional capital of Honduras. The area has a slightly cooler climate than other departments, meaning coffee cherries develop their flavour slowly.

With our export partners, we have been able to start working with a group of 60 producers from the community of Pozo Negro, in the Masaguara municipality of Intibuca. These producers come together to learn and share knowledge, a cooperative approach to quality that we are very happy to support.

The Process
In Honduras, many producers process coffee in a style that is similar to White Honey, but is commonly known as washed. Once the cherries have been picked, the outer mucilage is removed with an eco pulper. Approximately 80-90% of the cherry mucilage is removed before drying on raised beds.

The method uses a relatively low amount of water and produces a clean cup with body and sweetness, that shows off the terroir of Intibuca and the flavour profile of the Catuai varietal.

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